About the Author

Michael began drawing and writing from an early age and hasn’t managed to grow out of it just yet. Centrally located at his soft chewy center is an undying affection for the Hero’s Journey, larger than life characters, and universes other than our own. Thus far Michael’s efforts have gone unrecognized by the editorial community at large, but his nose is still in the proximity of the proverbial grindstone, if not quite at it.

Of course that is mostly what this whole site is about, the journey of naïve farm boy (read: jaded cubicle jockey) to galactic savior (read: published author). Along the way I will hop up on my soap box and rant and rave about quite a few things, of that I’m sure, but for the most part this site will be about the process of writing and the things that come out of my head when I engage in said process. Also, it will hopefully be at least a little bit entertaining.

Here are some answers to questions you probably weren’t asking.

Q: Can you see Russia from there?
A: No. I live in central Texas, why would you even ask that?

Q: What is 7 Syllable Press?
A: It’s a blog for me, specifically for my writing projects.

Q: Specifically? Like you have other blogs?
A: Sort of. I am the artist and sometimes writer for Vlad the Vegan Vampire, which is a web comic about nothing. It also has a blog that is largely about nothing.

Q: What kind of narcissist has multiple blogs?
A: I actually have pretty low self-esteem, I was really hoping you’d bolster it by fawning over my blog.

Q: Oh. You have pretty blog?
A: Um…thanks?

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