This is a little (very little) story I came up with after my first few days on Twitter. Can’t say that my opinion has really improved much in the year or so since.

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Dreams of Indie Success

The idea wasn’t news to me, but that someone was succeeding on such a massive scale is blowing my mind a bit. I’ve often wondered how one might monetize writing without the approval of “the man” and had considered the Amazon route, but had decided it wouldn’t really pay off. Wow.

Indie Writer Success

My wife is now hooked, by the way, snatching up two of these books in as many days. Looks like I should dust off some of those old manuscripts.

Hello World!

Hey look at that, I started another blog! Go me!

So do I have big plans for this here little section of the interwebs? You betcha’! See, even though I am a cubicle slave by day with a crazy toddler, a geriatric dog, and a web comic to draw, I still have an intense desire to be a writer. So I write things. Usually they are just little short stories, but sometimes they turn into something a bit bigger. Regardless of their size, I think I will post some of them here, along with my thoughts on news and such things.

Well maybe those aren’t “big” plans. They’re still plans though.

The Man Behind the Curtain