Dusting Off

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here. A long time. Life has changed a lot and yet stayed much the same.

The Bonneville documentary didn’t happen. I wanted it to, but the money wasn’t in the right place at the right time and I was in the middle of transitioning jobs. I left behind Dell after nearly ten years and went to work for a software company. The hours have been long, but the effort is more rewarding. At Dell I was a tiny cog in a big machine. At my new job I’m still a cog, but one that has the opportunity to effect some real change in process and tools. I’m programming more now than I was at Dell and working on new problems instead of grinding away at the same things over and over. The pay is better too.

Creatively I’m stuck in my head, alongside a whole lot of static. I still want to write a book (another NaNoWriMo completed, but no real revisions done), and I still want to work on a movie. I’ve also got it in my head that I need to write, program, and do the art for a video game. It’s a lot to take on and a lot of different priorities pulling vying for headspace. In the past keeping up with this blog or some form of journaling really helped separate the signal from the noise, so here I am – dusting off the old WordPress interface and putting some hours in at the keyboard. I won’t pretend I’ll keep this up – I’ve had a lot of blogs ever since blogging was a thing – but for now it will do.

Now its just time to get back to work.

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