Deep Water


I’ve been wanting to try my hand at filmmaking for a long time and I’ve gone and thrown myself into deep water now, without making sure I can swim. A little back story first. My brother Hans goes out to Bonneville every year for speed week. He isn’t just there for the salt and sun, he’s part of a team that’s gunning for records (and holds a few). He’s a member of the 200 club, meaning he’s exceeded two hundred miles per hour on the salt.

Well, Hans posted a nicely edited documentary about motorcycles (The Build Film) on Facebook the other day. It really caught my eye, it was exactly the sort of production I’d been wanting to put together, but had been struggling to find a story to tell. A mental light bulb went off and I realized that the pursuit of a land speed record might make for one hell of a story. I messaged Hans about the possibility of following him out to Bonneville to put something together. He responded with a hearty “Hell yes.” All I’ve got so far is a working title, On the Salt, and a whole bunch of ideas.

So now I’m in the deep water. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dog paddled before. In art school I did more than one art film and even had one get shown in an international film festival. I’m not a complete newb, as it were, but this is a much bigger production and a much tighter deadline than I’ve ever faced. Also, there’s no budget – my surgery earlier this year has stripped down personal funds to a bare minimum, so while I’d love to get new cameras and lenses, I’ll be shooting this on a shoestring.

All that said, I’m remarkably excited. I haven’t been creative in a while, really for the last few years NaNoWriMo is my only outlet. I’m researching every day now, learning new tricks for the DIY and low-budget filmmaker. I’m going to be building gear that I can and buying the few necessary items that I can’t (external audio recorder, as I’ll be shooting exclusively on DSLR).

It’s going to be a wild and short ride. Speed Week is in August, only 82 days from now.

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  1. Big bucks always count for a lot but that without talent doesn’t get you far. Wishing you success and really more important, have a good time on the journey.

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