All blocked up

I want to write. I want to put words to the proverbial page. The only problem is that very little seems interested in bubbling to the surface. Hints and glimpses of things that have been there for a long time. Things that refuse to fully develop. As a writer it’s my job to force them to, the only problem being is that I don’t really know how to.

How do you force a story to be born? How do you make something new and interesting without stealing, or borrowing generously? I don’t know how to answer those questions just yet, obviously. The endings are always the hard part. Ideas are everywhere. Interesting situations and interesting characters are plentiful, but the satisfying ending is what eludes me.

I know, in theory, it is about meeting your obligations to the reader. The first act includes a murder mystery, therefore the killer must be captured, or at least revealed. So I suppose my problem may be that I don’t know what promises I’m making to the reader, I’m just chasing tangents that interest me, and while they have a chance of striking a chord with the audience it’s far less likely to win out over a well executed story.

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