Thoughts on starting…

The enormity of the gulf between starting and finishing can hardly be articulated. Starting is easy. Starting is fun. Finishing is hard. Finishing is work. The difference between starting and finishing is the difference between making up rules and following rules.

I’ve done a lot fo starting in my life. It’s easy to start. It’s easy to say you’ll do something, even something as big as creating a whole new world. It’s a lot harder to make that world. And that is where I’m at. A lot of easy starts. A lot fewer hard-won endings.

I like to worry over my craft. How well I put these words together. The construction of sentences, of thoughts, of worlds. But how important is the craft if it’s never getting put to use. Is it even craft, if its sole intent isn’t being realized?

This is a first world problem. This is my current first world problem.

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