The iPad Meh

iPad Mini reviews are hitting the tech blogs today and I find myself in a new position. Historically, when the early reviews hit for an iPad I’m in a position of eagerly reading them, trying to get a morsel of flavor for the imminent product arrival. Up until this week, I’ve purchased a new iPad with each product release. This time the thought hasn’t even crossed my mind.

I’m frustrated that a new generation of iPad has been released so soon after the last. I’m disappointed that the new new iPad is hardly an upgrade at all – just a spec bump and a new port, but will undoubtedly throw off the release cycle of truly new and improved products. All of this combines to kill any of the already tepid enthusiasm I was harboring for a smaller non-Retina iPad.

The iPad mini, though it’s met with a glowing Gruber endorsement, holds almost no interest for me. I seem to be the odd man out, but I just don’t care about having a smaller iPad. I’ve never found the iPad heavy and read quite happily on mine. Of course I blacksmith for fun, so the iPad has nothing on a proper hammer or mound of hot steel. I also have a Kindle, which means I don’t need a less powerful iPad that is more focused on reading. The only real reason I had ever thought about getting one was for my daughter, and the longer battery life and superior screen of the iPod touch seems a much more compelling purchase. It doesn’t hurt that it comes in pink, her favorite color.

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