How AT&T paid me $173.82 to go to Verizon

How AT&T paid me $173.82 to go to Verizon | Bullish Cross.

So essentially, what AT&T told me today was that I can stay at AT&T and pay $500.00 to upgrade two of our iPhone 4S’s to iPhone 5′s, OR I can leave AT&T pay $320 and then get the iPhone 5′s for the normal $199 price elsewhere. AT&T more or less told me that they would pay me $180.00 to go to Verizon. And no one would budge to fix this. I must have talked to at least six or so people at AT&T today until finally someone realize how idiotic this sounded and decided to pay me $173.82 (via account credits) not realizing that doing so put me under no obligation to hang around. I can leave anyways.

I may need some help with the math here. By this person’s own account, early upgrade at AT&T would cost $500. Leaving would cost $320 and an additional $400 in new phones (assuming no other setup fees). This isn’t AT&T paying you to leave. This is AT&T asking you to pay the upgrade fees per the terms you initially agreed to, or allowing you to leave at the cost of your early exit fee (again previously agreed too). It also isn’t cheaper. $720 is not less than $500. Even with the $173.82 credit, the least amount it cost to switch is $546.18. The last time I checked $546.18 is not less than $500. And this comes from a fucking finance blog!

Maybe it’s just been too long since I took a math course.

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