It’s not what you said…

G.O.P. Approves Strict Anti-abortion Language in Party Platform –

It’s not what Todd Akin said, but how he said it. That’s why the GOP wants him out. Not because they think he’s a terrible person, or even sort of wrong, but because he’s just bad PR. At this point it’s surprising they didn’t nominate Voldemort for President. Is there any question that he GOP isn’t just a pit of vipers? They think evil awful things, but aren’t even party-loyal when one of their own gets called onto the carpet for saying the things they believe.

All of this is counter to Romney’s claim that he and his running mate are Pro-abortion in the case of rape. So which is it? Why isn’t the GOP taking queues from their ‘top’ guy? Maybe because he’s lying to distance himself from the bad PR and has no intentions of backing up those claims?

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