The Epidimic

While driving home tonight I watched as a man in a large SUV came to a squealing halt to avoid hitting a pedestrian. The man in the SUV was talking on his phone, so initially I grew angry at him, believing hat he simply wasn’t paying enough attention to the road. The thing is, the woman pedestrian was busy texting as she walked out into the street – trusting in God, AT&T, or blind luck to guide her safely to her car. Clearly, God/AT&T/luck was watching this time round. Of course the worst part of all this is that neither stopped doing what they were doing. A cursory head tilt toward the car and the woman was happily on her way, still eyes on the glowing slab of glass and steel in her hand. The man waited only moments for her to clear his path before awkwardly turning onto the street and continuing on down the road, occupying more than his fair share of lanes and clutching his own phone tightly to his head.

As for me? I double checked my seat belt and proceeded straight home.

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