iBooks and eBooks

This morning’s announcement from Apple has me pretty excited at the prospects of self-publishing once again. Ironically, I had been working over the last couple days to prepare new short stories for release on the Kindle through the Kindle Digital Publishing program (KDP).

Having downloaded the new iBooks Authoring tool, I really wish that Amazon would offer something of comparable quality. Obviously e-ink Kindles would be unable to take advantage of all the rich media functionality, but even just the easy way you can set page breaks, titles and formatting would be a relief. As it stands KDP primarily offers a script file that does conversion of a book or story you compiled elsewhere. While this ties into Scrivener, my primary writing software, it still requires lots of trial and error before I can achieve the look I want. In contrast, within minutes of downloading the iBooks Author I had put together a very aesthetically pleasing ebook (or iBook rather).

Tools like this really might encourage me to switch and start using iBooks as my self-publishing go to spot rather than Amazon.

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