NaNo 2011

Queue the William Tell Overture, we are now officially off to the races – NaNoWriMo 2011 has kicked off. I’m tired already, but excited to be participating in my third mad dash to noveling (that is not a real word).

The past week I’ve been gearing up for the event, trying to put together an actual outline to follow, but apparently my Writer’s ADHD just won’t have it. I never got past more than a few bullet points before deciding “Oh, wouldn’t it be cooler if…” at which point I’d end up starting again. I did succeed in making an elevator pitch for the story, that I hope will be my guiding light and keep me on track for a real finish this year (every year prior I’ve just come to an abrupt end after breaking the 50K mark, falling short of the conceived ending). My hope is this year I’ll be able to turn out a full 3 act story that will act as the skeleton of something that will eventually see the light of day (read: publication).

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