Dragon Express

Welcome to the future.

Well, not really. Last night, on a whim, I decided to download Dragon Express from the Mac App Store. I’ve long wanted to try voice recognition software, and have even toyed with Google voice transcription and the free Dragon software on the iPhone, however, none of these ever really met my expectations.

Performance tends to be slow and results iffy at best. But still, once or twice a year I get the itch to explore it further. This time it seems to have paid off, or at least thus far. As I’ve said, I’ve only been using it for one night but I’m already getting used to the interface and it allowed me a productive night of writing for NaNoWriMo last night.

It’s funny, in ways you expect it to screw up on the hard words or the unusual ones, just because it would have little practice recognizing those but for me, a southern male, it tends to miss where my tongue is lazy from my southern accent but usually gets the big words right. Of course as a test I’m using it to compose this post now and I’m only having to do a modicum of correction as I go. (though some is still required!)

Being an “express” software it seems to be designed for quick interaction and even has simple built-in functions for Facebook and twitter. One of the frustrating things is that you can lose bigger chunks if you haven’t paid attention and start switching apps without copying the data out of the dictation window. That said, I’m enjoying myself thus far using this new piece of software.

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