A lot is going on in the world right now and I feel like I should be writing about them, or at the very least thinking about them. Truth of it is, I’ve been getting to frustrated of late to put too much coherence into any effort in that direction.

Occupy Wall Street? I get so mad I could spit, or perhaps more likely, rupture an internal blood vessel type thing and die. Its interesting to see people finally stand up (or sit down, march, etc.) and say “there’s some bad shit going on!”, but at the same time the lack of cohesion and realistic goals just makes me do old man grumbles into my face palm.

Herman Cain taking the lead in GOP polling? Growing up in a small and decidedly racist part of Texas with just one black family in residence, I never could have imagined a time where the top Presidential candidates from both parties would be anything but white. A lot can change in the next few months, so that still might not happen, but it is still eye opening.

Steve Jobs passing? It sucks for anyone to die. I’m not sure I can add any signal to the noise around this.

There’s more. A lot more. Just not tonight.

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