Netflix Vs. Their Customers

Netflix seems determined to alienate me and just about anyone else that is paying attention. Love our product? How about we split it in two, charge you more, and make it harder for you to manage? Like it now?

They seem to believe they have a winner in the form of the streaming movies and that DVD is primed to be dropped and perhaps statistically speaking they are right, but you can count me among the number of disappointed ex-fans. I liked streaming, only because it was there. Like food left out on a table in front of fat people, I was perfectly willing to gobble at it when it suited me, but it almost never has what I’m craving. The movies I plan for and want to watch? I always have to wait for the DVD because streaming doesn’t have them. I put streaming on for back ground noise. I pop popcorn and sit down next to my wife for a DVD. If they are going to make it unpleasant to use their product, then I might as well just cancel.

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