Let’s Do The Time Warp

Started reading The Forever War today. It’s always a little peculiar reading ‘old’ science fiction, because of course they hadn’t really been exposed to computers. Even with relatively recent sci-fi, Haldeman wrote this only a few years before the Apple II would hit the market, the tech seems almost hokey and old-fashioned. I mean, computers have actual buttons and switches and stuff. OMG, right?

What is really striking though is the liberal sexual attitudes and drug culture for what is a military sci-fi. Written before I was born and before AIDS was a ‘thing’, it gives you a different view on sex. Orgies are had and sexual partners rotate through with no mention of any moral or hygienic implications. While I consider myself open-minded, I can’t imagine a military being open to this sort of thing (though it seems to pop up often enough – Starship Troopers and Old Man’s War both have similar sexual attitudes in the military.) Not sure if this reflects any kind of reality or if it has more to do with sex hungry nerds writing sci-fi.

I’m only a third of the way into it and enjoying it thus far. Hopefully it will not have world’s most disappointing ending like Ender’s Game.

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