Mental Static

In taking a break from writing, I inadvertently ended up taking a break from journaling. Journaling, for the last several months, has been a by-product of being at the keyboard full-time. When I couldn’t think of something clever to write for this blog (I’m clever, right?) or I was having a hard time pushing through the next sentence in one short story or another, I could always just flip over to my journaling software and perform a brain dump. With no pressure to create beautiful prose, or even terribly coherent thought, the journal was a place for my mind to unwind and push out all the little pieces that needed just a smidge of attention. Once they were down, gleaming in crisp Helvetica, it was easier to put them off until a later date, or be satisfied that I’d given them the thought they deserved. Since I haven’t been forcing my self to be at the keyboard, I haven’t been journaling, and all that mental static has really started to buzz. Of course some of that static is story ideas, things that would have been used in places other than the journal, but still it is surprising. I’ve only been journaling with any regularity for three months now, and it is strange to see how quickly I’ve become ‘dependent’ on it and yet haven’t turned it into a real habit.

*Also worth noting, I still struggle with Passive Voice – despite years of practice, as made apparent by this post. 

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