Living the Dream

Tonight I wrote in a coffee shop, with my shiny MacBook Pro, comically large DJ style headphones, and my over priced iced beverage. It was glorious. It was also relatively productive.

In my ‘real’ life I work from home, so the space that I write in is also the same space that I spend nine hours a day staring at Excel. It gets old. The same sights, hours after hours, not to mention the damn chair. No matter how lovely a chair is, I don’t think any can retain a tolerable comfort level after nine hours of drudgery and an additional one to three hours of hobby writing. So every once in a while I have to conform to the awful cliché and go to the coffee shop to write. I probably look like an A+ poser, but hey, it netted me a first draft tonight, and I’ll call that a win.

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