Johannes Cabal the Detective

I just realized I never gave a wrap up review for the second Johannes Cabal book. I raved about the first and already mentioned that I was enjoying the second, so you might have the idea that it went well. You’d be correct.

I’m not sure that I enjoyed the second as much as the first, though I feel a bit guilty in saying so. I think much of the rush of the first is getting to know this new world and its fiendish characters. You already ‘know’ Johannes by the time you start the second book and I think this is largely why I preferred Necromancer to Detective. In all actuality, I think Detective has stronger characters (particularly the lead female character), a more inventive background/setting, and even better pacing.

One thing that is notable for its absence is the paranormal. The first book had vampires, demons, Satan, and all manner of monsters, but in the second book it would seem that Johannes is a Necromancer only in passing. There are only a few short instances in the book where the ‘science’ of necromancy plays any part, and though you would be deprived a few laughs and perhaps a bit of character development, they could have been excluded with no effect on the overall plot. The result is that this book is very much a detective story, with some political thriller thrown in, and fantasy is only used as curtain dressing.

So, there you have it, my thoughts on this book. I enjoyed it quite a bit and am still looking forward to the third installment.

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