Somewhere along the way this month I got really distracted. I went from daily journaling, near daily blogging and daily writing sessions, to only writing three or four times a week at most. I’m a full 7,000 words behind my goals for this month, and this month already had lowered goals.

The curious thing is, aside from torturing myself by looking at my writing goal spreadsheet, I have actually been productive. I finished a first draft of a short story this past week. I’ve done re-writes on two stories and sent them out to publishers. That’s more than I was able to do last month, in spite of writing three times as much by the same point in the month.

This is where I need to start to find a balance. Obviously I need months where I can just blast out words, without an internal editor stepping in the way to hinder the process, but some months, maybe I need that same editor to just take over completely. They seem to be different parts of my brain, and like gears in an overly complex Victorian mechanism they won’t stay engaged at the same time as the one another.

In other news, giant frowny face that Perry has thrown his hat into the ring. I’m afraid he has a chance of winning and that is just all kinds of depressing.

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