World Builder’s Disease

I have an affliction of sorts. I think technically, this it is different from what I have had officially described as World Builder’s Disease, but it seems to be a offshoot with similar symptoms. It is my habit to start new stories almost daily. Little snippets, views into worlds that give me a glimpse of the social structure of a fictitious place, or perhaps the system by which magic is used in said locale. If I do not finish within perhaps 36 hours of beginning, often times it is unlikely that I will complete the short. I grow bored too fast, and want to move on to that exciting rush of the next first glimpse. This month alone, even missing a few days worth of writing because of my daughter’s birthday, I have already started 5 stories. I need to stop this. Though terribly fun, it is far from productive.

My name is Michael and I am an addict. It has been one day since I created a new world.

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