The Old Red Pen

For the last two months I have been cranking away, producing words on a daily basis, but I haven’t been doing all that much editing. In part because I don’t have the time and in part because I didn’t have that great a method to replace the gold standard for editing: the good old-fashioned red pen.

Everyday I’m producing 10 plus pages of text and I just don’t have the inclination or finances to support all the printing it would take on my inkjet printer to keep up with this. Printer ink is more costly than gold a lot of shit and I’d rather hang on to a little bit of my money. After all, I must have every new gadget that comes along, it is an addiction!

A little light bulb comes on. Surely there is some iOS app that allows me to import a document and mark it up with a pen? As it turns out there are quite a few, but I already owned one: Muji Notebook. I had initially purchased this to take notes in, but ended up deciding typing was faster; however Muji had an added bonus that I wasn’t aware of until I started digging. PDF files can be imported as distinct notebooks, at which point you can draw all over the document, highlight, write notes, and then you can export it as a PDF and mail the document off again. Pretty snazzy and even though it isn’t 100% perfect replacement of a red pen, it is easier to keep track of my documents this way.

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