Slow and Steady

In theory slow and steady wins the race, or at least that is what we are taught as children. If that’s the case I should be all set to ‘win’.  Lately I have been stuck in low gear and haven’t had a particularly prolific day of writing in about a week. I have a bunch of ideas clamoring for attention and need to get some time set aside to get some of them down on ‘paper’.

I’ve been listening to Writing Excuses, a lot actually, and scheduling is one of the things that comes up constantly, particularly in Q & A episodes. The schedules for ‘writing hopefuls’ seem to be pretty consistent and it’s clear I need to set aside more dedicated time to work. I keep thinking it would be best to wake up early in the AM and take a walk to start my day, then get some writing done while the house is still quiet. Sadly, I just end up hitting snooze every time I try to enact this plan.

As for my goals, I am nearly on track, though a few hundred words behind schedule as of this writing. I still need to put the polish on one more short story and send it in to a publisher in order to hit my ‘Two Stories a Month’ quota that I have set. I will say it is getting harder to find time to edit when I am chasing these daily word count goals and I might have to lower the goals for August. I had thought about doing Camp NaNoWriMo, but maybe just one novel-writing month a year is enough?

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