In which our hero is interrupted by the real world…

Sometimes you are trying to stick to deadlines. Trying to make word goal counts that you arbitrarily set for yourself. That’s usually when the real world interrupts, and no I’m not talking about the MTV ‘reality’ television series. I can proudly say I’ve never even seen a full episode of that. I only once had a passing interest and that was when it came to my home town of Austin. No, the real world I’m talking about is the one that is always there and all around you. This time it was something I could have easily foreseen and simply should have planned for. My darling little daughter turned two yesterday. Yesterday I actually hit my word count goals, but today I’m probably just not going to make it. Why is that, you ask? No, I’m not hung over. I didn’t party all night with the toddler.

What I did do is run into the mountain of work that goes into a children’s birthday party. Even though she will have no recollection of the event in question, I have been toiling away all day today and will begin again early tomorrow AM in order to make sure things are all set before the guests arrive. 30 hungry mouths to feed, 60 eyes to pass judgement on the height of my grass, 60 eyes to note how disorganized the built in shelves are, and 60 eyes to wonder in horror at the biological weapons brewing in our tupperware at the bottom of the fridge. Needless to say, there is much to be done.

Fictional universes will just have to wait their turn.


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