Great Pictures of Some Happy People

Go to this article at the International Business Times website for some great pictures of some very happy people. I think pictures like these go to disprove a number of stereotypes:

  1. All gay people have a great fashion sense – It’s abundantly clear this isn’t true.
  2. All gay people think about is sex – I’ve heard this a lot, and it seems ridiculous. I think maybe this is just what men think about, mostly, and if there are two men in a relationship that must be what it is all about. Halfway down the article there is a picture of two very happy old men that have been together for over 50 years. I know lots of hetero couples that have ended in divorce and I’m only 31. I don’t think sex could be the driving factor for 50 years. If it is, well, congratulations are in order.
  3. Internet comments are where decency and brains go to die – I expected there to be hate and drivel all over the comments section of the article, and while there might have been some of that, the comments in question had been moderated into oblivion, which always makes me happy.
  4. The mullet is dead – Sadly, it turns out, the mullet is alive and well in the NY gay community. I guess this goes back to point number 1. Sigh.
My wife read my post from yesterday about Governor Perry’s support of the State’s right to choose on gay marriage. My wife informed me that she agreed with Perry, and believed that it should be left to the states to decide who could get married and who couldn’t, reckoning that a smaller government was a better government. My concern over this, which I pointed out to her, is that marriage has Federal implications: Social Security survivor benefits & income taxes. I also feel like this is a matter for the fourteenth amendment. By denying same-sex marriage, we are denying equal protection under the law for the benefits that would otherwise be provided to a person entered into a monogamous relationship. In a perfect world I suppose this would be a state issue, only in that each state would be allowed to decide the rules of procuring a marriage license, etc. so long as those rules were not discriminatory. Unfortunately, the world we live in is far from perfect and far from discriminatory.

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