Just a little scene, playing with ways to describe extreme emotion:

“I want a divorce.” He said it without blinking. She stopped, frozen in the moment, her coffee cup just a centimeter from her lip. She stood there, hanging on the sentence that had just appeared between them, unable to proceed. The coffee cup, still full, grew heavy there on her finger and soon her whole arm started to protest. She lowered the coffee, her eyes following it down and then looking around the kitchen island, anywhere but into his eyes. Anywhere but his face. The creamer was nearly empty, she’d need to buy more soon. The sugar, why was the lid off? It was always off. She hated that. What was she going to have for breakfast? Nothing here seemed too appealing. Perhaps just a bite of fruit then. “Did you hear me?” He said. He was distant now. She could barely hear him, he was so far away. She put both hands on the island and steadied herself. “Don’t THUMP this THUMP Gina, THUMP both THUMP it THUMP coming THUMP this.”

The fuel light came on nearly three hundred miles later. She wasn’t sure if she’d rather stop for gas or just keep going until it ran out. She could walk after that. How long would she have to walk before her shoes gave out? Until her feet gave out? How long before her heart THUMP stopped THUMP pounding?

The car shuddered, groaned, clicked and finally just rolled to stop. It had begun to rain, but that didn’t stop her. She stepped out, the cold water splattering her face, and she began to walk. Each step squished, mud mixed with oil and all the other roadway sludge rushed up to swallow her shoes, then gripping tightly with a sucking sound as she pulled free for the next step. I wonder if I left the oven on? The thought popped into her head, it was the first thought she’d heard over the pounding of her heart since she’d left. She stopped and then she began to laugh. She hadn’t even used the oven this morning, had she? She reached into her pocket, pulled out her cellphone, and dialed. There was the click of an answer on the other end.

“Fine,” she said, before he could say anything and then she hung up. After a moment of looking up into the sky, wondering if the clouds would break and the rain would stop. What a dramatic scene it would have made, she thought. The clouds did not part. The rain did not stop. She turned around and started walking.


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