The Rejection Dance

A week early, I got to cross a few items off my June Writing checklist: 1) Complete two short stories. 2) Submit 2 new short stories for publication.

For whatever reason I have thus far only submitted to online magazines. Mostly because I’m submitting to the publications I read and the online publications seem to make it easier to submit. They have forms to submit to and they have short(er) response times than their paper brethren. Anyway, I’ve submitted the two stories and in just three days I’ve gotten the big fat no’s that I was half expecting. This is sort of the cycle I’ve fallen into in the past: Get excited about writing, finish up some work, send in for submission, get rejected, feel bummed, and lose momentum. Last year I entered into a fever pitched rush to try to get published (or at least sell a story) before I turned 30. It didn’t happen and after that rush of trying I got derailed for a good three or four months before I wrote anything at all.

Now I just need to put my head down, keep working, and not let these little hiccups keep me from doing what I want to do.


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