The Effectiveness of Goal Based Creation

Or, An Update On My Progress This Month.

Way, way, back on the 8th of June I pledged to write 30,000 words in the remaining days of June. As a sort of cheat, or crutch, I allowed blog posts and personal journal entries to count.  Part of the reason is that writing fiction can be hard but also because I want to become more regular about writing these blog entries and keeping up with my journal. For good or ill, this has resulted in 27% of the words I have produced this month (thus far) going towards this blog (17% journal, 55% fiction). The good news is: I’m sticking to my goals and am a bit ahead of schedule (even if only by a hair). I’ve even been able to stick to my rules about not surfing or watching TV without hitting the various daily sub-goals. The added benefit to these little rules is that I haven’t sacrificed any family time to hit my daily writing goals, instead I am sacrificing time I would have other wise wasted reading tech news, tumblr, or watching bad TV on Netflix.


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