Successes and Failures

I’m trying to decide if I violated my own writing rules today. It is my habit, when creating the art for a Vlad comic strip, that I will have some TV on (generally whatever Netflix Instant suggests I watch, based on recent patterns). What I watch isn’t terribly important, more that I simply have something on for the noise of it. The problem is, I set myself rules that I would not have this stuff on, unless I had written 500 words in a given day and at the point I started drawing I hadn’t written word one. Obviously, the word of the rule was violated, but I’m not sure the spirit of the rule was. I was drawing extra strips tonight to have several days in a row to write without having to worry about the strip. I was attempting to create time for my writing, and had I not had the background noise my other creative process would have been thrown off. At what point do I allow one creative process to supersede another? Which is more important and which deserves to be cultivated? I don’t know, these are just the thoughts that I’m having.

On the upside, I am staying focused on writing and am ahead of schedule for my current monthly goal of 30k. I’m even finding time to Journal daily, as I’ve found the process of doing a daily mind dump really clears the head. For those that are curious, I use MacJournal for this. A handy, if not thoroughly beautiful, little piece of software.

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