Reading and Writing

I will admit that I am a terrible reader. Often times when I day-dream about becoming a writer, I worry that I will be sniffed out as a poser of some sort because I haven’t read X different masterpieces of the genre I want to work in. Part of me recognizes that consuming and creating are separate urges and I am far more drawn to one than the other. After all, if you are spending all your time writing, how can you expect to get any reading done? Another part of me recognizes that I am not creating in a vacuum and have to recognize what has come before me.

In light of the latter I have made a real effort over the last few years to read more fiction. I have always read a lot (when compared with ‘average’ folk), but it was mostly technical things that I found of interest and less of narrative. After all I had a hundred different fictional worlds trying to bubble to the surface all on their own, no sense feeding them ideas from an outside source, right?  This is, in fact, one of my main problems. As I read more stories I find it difficult to not to be influenced, or borrow, or outright steal from all the material I am absorbing. I assume this is a challenge that every writer faces to some degree or another.

In short, I’m off to write some more fiction and to try really hard to not sound like Johannes Cabal the Necromancer in my narration.


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