Progress Report

I’ve only about 4,000 more words to go before I hit my goal of 30,000 total words written this month.  It’s gone smoothly and in retrospect I’m pleased with my progress. I’ve completed two short stories (and submitted to magazines), I am at the 75% mark for three more, and have written several Flash Fiction pieces for the blog.

I’m also happy to say that I really didn’t miss out on much of anything while working away at this goal. At the start I was worried that forcing myself to write would mean forcing myself to miss out on fun/spare time/family time, but I honestly don’t think I had to sacrifice a bit of that. Making the rules that I could not surf the web or watch TV until I had written at least a bit in any given day made for a real motivator and I would start everyday with at least some warm up writing. I will definitely keep these rules in place for at least the next month, though I will be re-evaluating the arbitrary word count goal. I feel like in a way this sort of goal rewards fluff writing, or even bad writing, and I was less likely to take the time to re-read, proofread, revise as I toiled toward my daily counts. Of course at times this sort of exercise needs to be embraced and I think that is part of the meaning and joy behind NaNoWriMo. The problem becomes that if every month is NaNoWriMo you just end up with a bunch of unpolished stones instead of some real jewels.


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