Johannes Cabal the Necromancer

I just finished Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (yes the book I was ranting about the e-book pricing on just last week). Aside from the pricing, I have nothing but praise for this book. When speaking to others I have described it as “Terry Pratchett writing House, except House is a Necromancer instead of a doctor.” For those that do not know me, Pratchett is my favorite author and House is my favorite TV show, so it is safe to consider the previous statement as high praise. Necromancy doesn’t really have a place in my hierarchy of favorites, but it might now. It accomplishes all of this without feeling derivative, even when passing out the winks and nods to other pieces of genre fiction. As a writer I would put this squarely in the ‘win column’.

I’m going to track down the second book now.


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