How Perfect?

How perfect do you need to be before you begin posting your writing to the internet? This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. As mentioned previously, I have aspirations of being an earnest to goodness professional writer one day, but am far from it at this point. If my writing isn’t so hot, should I really be putting it out there for others to see? More importantly, will an editor decide not to take a manuscript on the basis of typ0grafikal errors in a blog post?

As I see it, this blog is a tool, a tool I am using to motivate me to write more. If the tool is harming my chances of getting published, then obviously that begs the question of why use it. On the other hand, why would a manuscript be judged on a completely separate body of writing? These blog posts are wild furies of thought, put down in the moment to capture the essence of the static in my head at any given moment. In part this gives me more practice at the keyboard, more practice putting my thoughts into words, more practice turning a phrase, and it has the added benefit of at least momentarily reducing the static in my head so I can go on to write the other little stories that I really want to put the love and craft into. All of these are good things, I believe, and so for now I will continue putting down my little thoughts and stories.

Even if they do have the occasional typografikal error.

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