Good Idea\Bad Idea

A number of months back I decided to make an effort to have a small paper notebook on me at all times. This was in part motivated by eye fatigue and I figured that it would be better to take quick notes on paper than with my iPhone. For a time it wasn’t going so well, largely because I always have my phone with me but was consistently forgetting the little moleskin notebook on my desk or night stand. I went to Amazon, found some cheap small notebooks, and ordered them. Now I had enough to keep in every pair of pants and I would never be left without one. Good idea, right?

Last night I opened the dryer and little paper snow balls came rolling out off the top of the pile of recently dried clothing. Arched eyebrow. What is this? Oh, this is the notebook I’d had for close to six months and was almost full of research and notes on story ideas. The paper is largely unharmed (great advertising for moleskin!), but all the cheap ink and pencil markings have washed away. I guess the question is, which is worse: eye fatigue or lost notes?


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