E-Book Pricing

I know this is a topic that gets discussed to no end, but holy hell this annoys the crap out of me. Publishers, E-books should not have a higher price than hardbacks or paperbacks. It makes no sense, whatsoever, and is very unfriendly to the environment. Fix it.

I want to buy this book, because I want to read it. For me, the most convenient way to do that is via e-reader. I actually prefer reading that way. Instead, Random House would prefer that a tree be chopped down, rendered into pulp, reconstituted as paper, inked, bound, and driven all over the country (probably shipped internationally as well). Or, they could just send me a small packet of digital information for the cost of a few electrons. I’d be perfectly willing to pay the same price as the printed copy, but instead I will just wait. Or, perhaps since I have to deal with the archaic paper artifact anyway, maybe I will just go to the library.

End rant.

**More Rant** I went to buy the Stephen King On Writing; however it suffers from the same problem. Another publisher that would rather kill a forest than send me some bits. Come on people, this is just stupid.

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