30k Complete

Last night I finished up my 30k goal for the month of June, several days ahead of the deadline. I’m thinking of upping the requirement for next month, just to keep me in the habit of writing daily for a bit longer, before I pull back on the daily requirements in order to encourage more revision. I still haven’t finished more than the two short stories that were already submitted, so it might be for the best that I stay in ‘first draft’ mode for a bit longer.

For those that are interested, and I know there are just oh so many of you, the internal word count goals ended up about where I wanted them. 20% Blog, 20% Personal Journal, & 60% Fiction. I initiated 6 short stories in the 20 day span, completing 2, nearly completing 2 more, and spinning my wheels for a long time on just one of them. I finally had to set it aside because I wasn’t finding an ending that was satisfying.

For further personal improvement, at least so far as my writing is concerned, I have purchased The Elements of Style 4th Edition and borrowed a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing from the library. I also need to find a resource for working on plot lines and story structure. I find that my characters are often interesting and my settings as well, but in the end nobody really knows where they are going or what they are doing. Or, even if I do have an end goal set for characters, I have a hard time bridging them from exposition to climax in a tightly plotted and coherent manner. I’ve started writing outlines for my favorite books and movies, in the hope that an exercise like this will strengthen my analytical skills and help me learn how to shepherd my characters in the ways others have before.

That’s enough for now, off to practice more.


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