The Romance Game

Two leading roles/main characters. Both attractive and competent in their own ways. Queue sexual tension and after a while, longing looks from across the room when no one else is looking. In other words, every highly talked about comedy/drama duo in popular television since I don’t know when.

Isn’t there a better way to keep an audience interested? Is there a way to write a couple that is just as compelling as a potential couple? Or is all the sexual tension all audiences want? Then the big pay off ends it all.

In House Season 7 we had the culmination of many years of this type of tension, only to have the House/Cuddy relationship ended in typical fashion midway through the year. Somehow, after knowing House for over a decade, the character of Cuddy is surprised to realize he is unreliable and selfish. Hmm….really? Can’t we expect a little more out of a show than this?

The only other show I watch regularly, Castle, is playing the same game. I don’t know if they will find another way around it or not. Part of the reason I enjoy Castle is because they embrace tropes and like to turn them ever so slightly to expose another angle. Will they succeed where others have failed thus far?

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