Scheduled Creativity. Forced Creativity. Life with a deadline.

In reality, the world where I get a paycheck, take care of my family, and spend most of my time, I do pretty well with deadlines. I am what some might even call responsible. That being said, I can’t seem to keep a schedule with this blog so far. I had initially thought that I would just write whenever I felt like it. This lead to the blog not ever even getting started for quite sometime. Then I told myself that I would keep a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule just like I do for Vlad the Vegan (the webcomic I draw). Thing is, over there I have a friend sharing in the writing chores. There is always a script waiting to be drawn. Over here, I don’t always have some thoughts on the process of writing, review of X consumer product, or new piece of fiction to share.

How important are schedules? How important are artificial deadlines? These are the questions I am asking myself these days as I struggle to put together finished pieces of work. Obviously, I need a whip cracked, but is declaring Thursday the due date for a piece going to make it any more likely for me to finish it?


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