The Doom That Came To Gotham

Remixing. The art of homage. Not too long ago I went on a little rant, lamenting the state of today’s creative enterprises and their reliance on what has come before. More specifically, I was bummed that GI Joe felt it was necessary to ape the A-Team. Anyway, all griping aside, I am now here to sing the praises of the masterful remix. What tore open the sky and called angels down to sing to me? Nothing, actually. In fact it was kind of the other way round. I recently laid hands upon The Doom That Came To Gotham, a three book mini series from Mike Mignola under the Elseworlds imprint. Much like Gotham by Gaslight, this book transported Batman and the enormous supporting cast back to a different time. Instead of a historical fiction twist, we are instead treated to a Lovecraft love letter of sorts. Though I myself am not much of a horror fan, I respect that old H.P. Is a giant in his field. While completely transforming the Batman mythos, Mignola still let’s you feel a familiar comfort in the character names and surface similarities. Really, it’s just the sort of attention to detail that makes a nerd happy.

Sadly, these books are not available in TPB format, though they are easy enough to track down on eBay (which is how I came to own a set.) if you have any love of Mignola’s work, or the odder interpretations of Bruce Wayne, i’d encourage you to take a look.

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