Mental Clutter

Despite my last post about putting the old nose to the grindstone, I am currently suffering from an epic case of mental clutter. At last count I am currently working on  7 stories, actively reading 3 books, starting a new job (one that pays, not this writing stuff I dream of), and of course still dealing with the loss of a grandparent.

I am also spending more cognitive cycles than I should on trying to figure out ways to clear my head, a particularly delicious irony. Here is what I’m up against:

  • Consumption – It’s easier to stop worrying about the things you have going on, or the things you are failing to create, when you are busy consuming the creations of others. Just like food, the creative world is filled with lots of junk that is far more attainable than true culinary delights. I’ve spent a lot of time this week refreshing my Tumblr dashboard to get that little ‘hit’ of joy from coming across new art, photography, and architecture.  I’m also feeling the pull more than ever to buy a TV.  It’s been about 3 years since we had an active TV in the living room of the house and my desire to ‘veg’ is getting to the point where I am tempted to get a new one.  I may have to get out of the house to fight this one.  It is too easy to hop on the internet and surf, rather than sit down and write.
  • Excuses and the Attention Deficit Deadline Shuffle – Two nights before my grandmother passed away I set a relatively easy deadline to finish off a short story.  It would have only required 800 words a night for a few nights, but with the upheaval I missed the deadline. Now that I have missed it, it becomes even easier to let it slide.
  • Ergonomics – I recently went to west Texas for many days to help my Dad take care of his Dad. In order to do so, I had to take my work computer with me and some other things.  My carefully cultivated rat’s nest of cables was torn asunder, and I haven’t yet restored it.  As a side effect, my personal computer is not attached to the ergo keyboard I need for long writing stretches.

Fight The Good Fight – I’m determined to bust through this haze and get back to work.  The easiest first step is to clean this stupid desk. Let’s be honest, “My poor widdle wist.” simply isn’t cutting it as a valid excuse anyway.

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