Lies and Damned Lies

One of my fears as a writer is that the politics in my stories won’t seem believable. Thing is, it really seems as though it shouldn’t be too difficult to write authentic political maneuvering. When in doubt, have the characters lie for their own self-interest & of course never ever give a lick of credit to anyone on the ‘other’ side.

What’s prompting this rant? Well, not that there is any lack of reason to be disheartened by today’s political climate, but my specific reasoning at the moment is a little email I received as I sat down to dinner. My state representative was calling for call-in questions for his teleconference town hall meeting. He wanted to speak with ‘his’ people about the recent budget cuts and what it meant for this nation. Being a Republican, he felt that the cuts were insufficient and that our fine nation still faced a financial calamity. He of course mentions this in the same breath as was used to take credit for the largest budget cuts in history of the United States. He blames the grave national financial status on Obama and the exiting liberal congress. It is of course to laugh. I vote Democrat, but I recognize that the last congress failed to accomplish much of anything, much less destroy our nation’s financial standing. I’m also fairly certain that Obama wasn’t the guy that put us into two wars.

Do you want to really save some money? Stop taking what disgustingly small amounts of money we have set aside to fund the arts and education (PBS & NPR? Really?) and put a stop of our nations decade long war on brown people terror. Now that’s a big god damned number.

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