Getting Organized vs. Getting Moving

In an attempt to tame my mental clutter and purge my brain of all the little nagging thoughts that keep me distracted from the tasks that actually need to get done, I recently sought out a task list solution.

  • At first I started with just a simple text file, but even dropping it into Dropbox didn’t make it easy to track and manage everywhere I went. Plus, a text list lacks the gratifying feeling you get when you do a check mark or strike through an item on the list.
  • Next I installed EpicWin on my iPhone, figuring that I always have my phone on hand and that meant I would always have my task list on hand. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it definitely is gratifying to scratch shit off your list. Hell, you level up! Problem was, EpicWin is built to be a game in and of itself, and like the title of this post indicates, there is a difference between Getting Organized and actually just getting shit done. Additionally, I found the actual task creation to be more time-consuming than I wanted it to be. I wanted to get things done, so EpicWin was out.

At this point I was nearly decided that I was spinning my wheels for no good reason.  At what point does the effort to get organized in order to finish stuff just become another method of procrastination? In steps Wunderlist.  I found this only by chance when I decided to open up the App Store for my Mac (yeah, that’s another way I procrastinate…just looking through what is available). Wunderlist is, quite frankly, amazing. Task creation is as painless or as detailed as you want it to be. Separate lists easily differentiate different parts of my life.  The fact that it exists as web app, iPhone, iPad, and Mac app that synch painlessly and quickly is also a huge selling factor (not that a selling factor is necessary, since usage and apps are free).  For a day I did nothing but pour out all this shit in my head that needed to be codified and listed.  At the end of that I was able to step back and write more than I had in weeks.

If you’re looking for a quick and painless way to do a brain purge, I can’t recommend anything more highly.

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