Blast from the past…

A blast of embarrassment that is. In my efforts to de-clutter I’ve been clearing out a bunch of old stuff and came across two comics I wrote/drew while in high school. Ouch. It’s funny how they are about really big ideas (freedom, individuality, justice) and dick jokes at the same time. Also, did I ever use that many puns? Oh man.

While they lack the refinement of my current work (at least that’s my opinion), they do contain a certain enthusiasm that I don’t think I have anymore. I remember working on these things (drawn on standard printer paper) during my lunch, home room, and health classes in high school.  I loved it and couldn’t wait to do more. Now it seems I am either too busy to bother or looking for an excuse to allow further procrastination.

What’s that saying? Youth is wasted on the young?

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