Things not to do…

As an unpublished author it is, at times, terribly depressing to take stock of what does get published and funded.  The vast catalog of Netflix Watch Instantly is almost entirely composed of the sort of material that really  makes me scratch my head and wonder. If a movie has only one star reviews, do you really need to recommend it to me?

I took the plunge and watched From Paris With Love, which had garnered a full three stars.  This is practically Instant Watch gold.  In the first hour John Travolta’s character proceeds to kill 26 some odd people, including a gang of street thugs that are completely unrelated to the plot, and yet we are some how supposed to believe he is the good guy. He proceeds to do “blow” for recreation, even though he is alleged to be a top operative (in an undisclosed intelligence agency), and sample the offerings of at least one prostitute while on a stake out. The worst of it is not Travolta’s character though, for he is at least consistent in his flaws. The overly green partner though, progresses from sweet Cambridge educated rule follower to hardened killer in just about forty-eight hours of story time. By the end he is laughing, joking about Big Mac hamburgers, and comparing guns with Travolta’s character only hours after having shot his fiance in the head to stop her from taking part in a terrorist plot. A fiance he professes to love more than anything in this world (save guns, man time, & hamburgers apparently).

What? Why is this happening? Was it written by a thirteen year old that got his first boner after firing a gun? Oh no, it was written by Luc Besson, someone responsible for some of my favorite movies ever? ::Tear::

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