The things that always get in the way when I’m writing:

  • Naming shit. OMG. I always want clever names that mean something, that would somehow reveal some hidden depth to a character if you catch the reference. This delays my writing immensely, as you might imagine.
  • Research. Just what is the muzzle velocity of this particular Civil War era pistol. Why is it relevant you ask? Well it’s not, I suppose. Maybe that particular detail could be flubbed. But wouldn’t it be great if I had it right? Let’s just check Wikipedia one more time.
  • Another idea. How many short stories are in progress in my Documents folder? A lot. How many are likely to be finished? A much smaller number than I am comfortable admitting.
  • Where did all the chocolate go? Shit, I need to get to the store.
  • Writing this blog. Of course.

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