iPad 2

My iPad 2 arrived today. So far all I can say is “Squeeee!” The Smart Cover and incredible thin frame of this new one really puts the last model to shame, which is amazing because I thought the first iPad was pure sex.

Everything is snappy and responsive and I have no real complaints, except that the docking cable is actually a bit harder to plug into now that the profile is so damn thin and at an angle. In the grand scheme of things it’s not a real issue. The addition of the camera hasn’t really made a big impression on me, but my 20 month old daughter has already gotten half an hour’s entertainment out of them, so that is worth the upgrade in my eyes. We’ll see how the battery life compares over time, but it seems to be similar so far.


Doodling on the new iPad. The souped up processor and video card really make the drawing apps much more responsive, though ArtRage still lags a bit. From what I understand it uses the same engine as the desktop version, which is a shame really.


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