A day like any other…

The truck hummed along smoothly on the all but deserted stretch of black top, just outside of San Angelo Texas. Somehow, before the black patrol car was even visible it had measured speed and determined that I was in excess of the legal limit. Lights blazed and the sporty fastback pursuit car darted across the sandy median, throwing up a cloud of dust as hopped easily from the bar ditch and bounced onto my side of the highway. My heart sunk and I applied the brakes, certain of my own innocence, but knowing he could intend no one else as my target as there was no one else for miles around us. With no time for pleasantries he wrote the ticket quickly (my first speeding citation), clearly eager to resume his hunt of other dangerous criminals cruising just above the posted limits.  It was at this moment, already three hours into my six-hour drive, that I knew the day would be a long one.

The day did not disappoint, in fact it may have over delivered. After hours in the hospital, I emerged tired and drained only to discover my keys sat in the ignition of my truck. The doors are of course locked. Another first. Fortunately, smart phone in hand it was no challenge to call upon Pop-a-Lock and have my car unlocked with relative celerity.

Sadly this is not an attempt at mundane Flash Fiction. This was just my day.

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